3D White Glutathione


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3D White Glutathione USA

3D White Glutathione, Brighten the skin clean is the beauty of women. Impressive shine. Found to have perfect skin.
Surface reveals that the true identity of her newest phenomena 3D Whitening Skin Injection 10000 USA.
With a touch of white. Create a skin today. Buy 3D White Glutathione online

Ingredient: 3D White Glutathione

– Glutathione Anti Oxidant 10000 mg.
– Alpha Lipoic Acid 1250 mg.
– Ascorbic Acid 1000 mg.
– (Superoxide dismutase: SOD) 350 mg.
– Pomegranate extract 3000 iu.
– Bilberry extract 500 mg.

“3-dimensional phenomenon, white eye-struck white 3D skin like a mantra”.


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