INFINI Premium Filler M

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INFINI Premium Filler M ensures natural volumetric correction by increasing the volume of the tissue, which results in the tissue being accentuated to the desired degree.


Ultra-smooth gel of cross-linked hyaluronic acid for increasing soft tissue volume and correcting medium and deep wrinkles. The product is also dedicated to modeling contours and filling the volume of the lips, as well as correcting soft tissue defects within the mouth such as: vertical wrinkles around the mouth, puppet lines and drooping corners. The high plasticity and smoothness of the preparation makes it suitable for lip modeling with modern surface techniques.

When injected into the skin, INFINI Premium Filler M increases tissue volume and fills the skin defect to be corrected. The volume and smoothing effect is due to the high content of cross-linked hyaluronic acid and its ability to bind water. The product is gradually resorbable and the effect of tissue accentuation lasts about 6-8 months and weakens over time. Regular supplementary treatments allow to consolidate the effect of the correction.

21 mg/ml Cross-linked hyaluronic acid

Recommended Indications

Contouring and increasing the volume of lips
Flat lip modeling and working with modern techniques (Russian Lips)
Lifting the corners of the mouth
Correction of medium and deep wrinkles
Filling the nasolabial folds
Levelling the puppet lines
Biocomplementation of the hand skin

INFINI Premium Filler M is a sterile, single-phase, polymeric filling gel of non-animal cross-linked hyaluronic acid. INFINI Premium Filler M is a transparent and non-pyrogenic hydrogel with corrective properties, characterized by very high viscoplasticity and high tissue biocompatibility. The product has physiological pH and osmolarity and gradual resorption. INFINI Premium Filler M is placed in a 1ml scaled pre-filled syringe with a luer-lock connector, individually packed in a blister with two 27G injection needles dedicated to product implantation. The packaging additionally contains a leaflet with instructions for use and self-adhesive labels with batch numbers for medical records, ensuring full product identification.

Needles = 2 x 27G * 1/2″ TSK
 = 2-25°C
Duration = 6-8 months
BDDE = Not Detected


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