Sungshim 31G Ultra-Thin Insulin Needles (8mm, 1.0cc)


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Ultra thin-walled micro syringes for insulin. These needles are NOT the same as cheaper one time use insulin needles, the walls are ultra thin which creates less pressure on the syringe and a smoother flow.

Gauge: 31G
Length: 8mm
Volume: 1.0 cc / 1ml
100 Syringes Per Box


Sungshim 31G Ultra-Thin Insulin Needles

EO gas sterilisation
Latex free
Nearly pain free injection with comfort
Low dead space syringe and more accurate dosage
Clearly printed graduation line and bold marking
Polybag package and Blister package are available
5 year shelf life

Sungshim 31G Ultra-Thin Insulin Needles are medical devices designed for the precise administration of insulin to individuals with diabetes. Here’s a breakdown of the key features and information regarding these needles:

  • Brand: “Sungshim” is the manufacturer or brand of these insulin needles. Different manufacturers produce insulin needles with various specifications and features.
  • 31G: The “31G” indicates the gauge of the needle. In this case, it’s a 31-gauge needle. Gauge represents the thickness or diameter of the needle. A higher gauge number signifies a thinner and finer needle. A 31-gauge insulin needle is extremely thin, which can minimize the discomfort associated with injections, making it suitable for insulin-dependent individuals who require frequent injections.
  • Ultra-Thin: The term “Ultra-Thin” highlights the needle’s fine gauge, emphasizing its suitability for individuals who are sensitive to needle-related discomfort.

These insulin needles are specifically designed for the subcutaneous injection of insulin, a crucial aspect of diabetes management. The thin gauge reduces the pain and trauma associated with injections, which can be a significant concern for people with diabetes who require frequent insulin administration. The use of ultra-thin needles can make the injection process more comfortable and less intimidating.

Sungshim 31G Ultra-Thin Insulin Needles

It’s important to follow healthcare provider recommendations and guidelines for insulin administration, including the choice of insulin needle gauge and length. The specifics of the needle size may vary depending on individual patient needs and preferences, as well as the type of insulin being used.

If you or someone you know is using insulin, it’s essential to consult with a healthcare professional for guidance on insulin injection techniques and the most appropriate needle size for your specific situation.


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