Sungshim Needles 30G x 13mm


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100 Needles Per Box


Sungshim Needles 30G x 13mm

EO gas sterilisation
Suitable for both luer slip syringes and luer lock syringes
Colour coded hub for easy identification


The term “Sungshim Needles 30G x 13mm” refers to a specific type of medical needle used for various purposes in healthcare settings. Here’s what this terminology means:

  • Sungshim Needles: “Sungshim” appears to be the brand or manufacturer of the needles. Medical needles are produced by various companies, each with its own brand name.
  • 30G: The “30G” indicates the gauge of the needle. In this case, it’s a 30-gauge needle. The gauge of a needle refers to its thickness or diameter. A higher gauge number indicates a thinner and finer needle. A 30-gauge needle is relatively thin and is often used for delicate procedures where a smaller puncture is desired, such as for insulin injections.
  • 13mm: The “13mm” represents the length of the needle. It indicates that the needle is 13 millimeters long. Needle length can vary significantly depending on the intended use. Shorter needles are often used for superficial injections, while longer needles may be used for deeper injections or other medical procedures.

In summary, “Sungshim Needles 30G x 13mm” refers to a specific brand of medical needles with a 30-gauge thickness and a length of 13 millimeters. These needles may be used for various medical applications, depending on the specific needs of healthcare professionals and patients.


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