BCN x-dna gel- box of 10


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BCN x-dna gel- box of 10 USA

Box with 5 ampoules

Anti-Aging & DNA solution | 2.5 ml ampoule vial 0,088 fl. Oz. Mesotherapy serum

Active substance:

X DNA, a natural polymer with the excellent humidity-making a donation and antioxydativen abilities which protect the cell membrane against oxydativem dismantling. His ability to restore dead cells and to reconstruct bandage fabric stimulates the healing processes. Nucleic acid fights against collagen destruction by sunrays, oxydativen stress and tobacco. It is used also in the Anti Aging treatment to the fight of the Photoaging. X DNA gel improves the skin of the smokers, dry skin, folds, pregnancy stripes and loss of hair.

 BCN X-DNA Gel – Box


5 Pac @$60.00 $300.00, 10 Pac @$56.00 $560.00, 20 Pac @$52.00 $1,040.00, 25 pac @$45.00 $1,125.00, 35 pac @$35.00 $1,225.00


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